Friday, July 29, 2011

More Bird Stories

Last week I spoke about our redbirds. This week I want to tell some more bird stories.

It is so amazing to watch nature as it takes care of itself. We have had an abundance of tiny frogs.

Living near a small lake increases our wildlife.  Yesterday I was surprised to see a hawk on the ground under one of our Leyland Cypress trees.  I suppose it was after the frogs.  It reminded me of a few years ago when we also had an overabundance of frogs.  My DH saw an owl perched on the post of our deck.  He came every morning for a few days and then was gone, and so were the frogs.  I only got one glance at him but he was majestic. 

Speaking of my DH – one day at work he stepped outside for fresh air. Evidently there was a bird’s nest nearby.  The male flew in front of DH and proceeded to walk about in a circle as if he had a broken wing.  He was protecting his mate and possibly offspring.  He remained until DH went back inside. 

Am I enamored with God’s nature? Absolutely!

Today I want to share a work in progress.  It is titled: Jesus – the same today as yesterday. Jesus is sitting upon a rock surrounded by youngsters.  What you see today is 3 of the children – a boy who had gone fishing, a girl with a basket of apples and another boy with an untied red sneaker.  It is painted on a cypress knee.  I have been painting these for several years but stopped and now am “seeing” the images again to paint. I use the bumps, gnarls, and overall shape to determine what is painted.  See my post
A Day of Learning on June 3, 2011 for another example of a painted knee.

 Thank you for coming by.  I hope my words lift your spirits. 

Have a blessed day – and please leave a comment!

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