Friday, February 25, 2011


Boy that is a title that will bring 'em in - LOL. 

When I struggle to find the words that He wants me to write, I pray.  Sometimes all week a word will jump at me and I know that is the key to write about. Sometimes I don't get that feeling. Then I wonder why He isn't directing me. Does He want me to quit writing? Does He expect me to find the words?  When my mind goes to questioning I remember Philipians 2:13, God is working in you for you to do what pleases Him. He is going to be working in me for a long time.


Idle boats, like idle people, provide no pleasure. 

Friday, February 18, 2011


It has been dreary the past two days. The sunshine will return.  Today I thought I would post a painting I just completed.  I don't flyfish, actually I don't fish at all. But, I do enjoy the outdoors.  So maybe this will bring a little light or reminder of good times for you.

Have a blessed day!!

Friday, February 11, 2011


I played with the camera again this week. I am still learning about its settings. What I find is that it does best when I set it to "auto".  That is because I haven't learned how to use the other settings so I get an unsatisfactory picture. 

It snowed here and was very cold. The snow is sticking around which is unusual for our area. I see on tv that the snow is unusual in several areas.  I was struck by the way the snow glistened and called attention from the normal view.  The shadows were intriguing also, due to being reflected on the snow.  

It took the snow for the reflections from the sun to create these striking shadows.  Otherwise the shadows would have blended in with the ground and not been as noticeable.

Do we need to have a special effects in our life to bring God from the shadows?  Or, do we keep Him in the forefront to guide our way.

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate the opportunity to share with you.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I received a new camera for my birthday!  I was excited to take new pictures of my paintings.  I skimmed over the settings, afterall, they couldn't be much different from my old camera. I arranged the paintings, added light outside my photo box, set the camera on a tripod and started snapping.  What I didn't take into account was the magnitude of this camera.  It really took the whole picture! Lights outside the photo box which before balanced the light became spotlights creating blurs with this camera which balanced its own light.  Larger megapixels meant a larger picture also and small flaws in my paintings which I hadn't seen with the naked eye suddenly became huge.

I wonder how many times we don't see the whole picture by looking at the flaws of others. How many times do we look to see what is wrong instead of appreciating what is good. 

I am going to try looking at the whole picture instead of focusing on what is flawed.  And, yes, I am going to read the manual that came with my camera before snapping any more photos!

With all the cold and snowy weather, I thought that today I would post something to think about. I can see myself under the tree staring at the sky and dreaming.  Daffodils.
Thanks for stopping by. I try to post every Friday. I was late this week, having fun and frustration with my new camera!