Saturday, February 5, 2011


I received a new camera for my birthday!  I was excited to take new pictures of my paintings.  I skimmed over the settings, afterall, they couldn't be much different from my old camera. I arranged the paintings, added light outside my photo box, set the camera on a tripod and started snapping.  What I didn't take into account was the magnitude of this camera.  It really took the whole picture! Lights outside the photo box which before balanced the light became spotlights creating blurs with this camera which balanced its own light.  Larger megapixels meant a larger picture also and small flaws in my paintings which I hadn't seen with the naked eye suddenly became huge.

I wonder how many times we don't see the whole picture by looking at the flaws of others. How many times do we look to see what is wrong instead of appreciating what is good. 

I am going to try looking at the whole picture instead of focusing on what is flawed.  And, yes, I am going to read the manual that came with my camera before snapping any more photos!

With all the cold and snowy weather, I thought that today I would post something to think about. I can see myself under the tree staring at the sky and dreaming.  Daffodils.
Thanks for stopping by. I try to post every Friday. I was late this week, having fun and frustration with my new camera!


  1. This picture is beautiful, and uplifting! Congratulations on your new camera. I have noticed that even with my "point and shoot" that flaws are very noticeable.But in a way,that is a good thing..we see things that we might not notice otherwise.I love your blog..keep showing your paintings, they are lovely.
    Have a Blessed day1

  2. Thank you Shirley!, Your comments are very uplifting to me!