Friday, March 18, 2011


Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired -
Before making any decision, stop and think with this little word, HALT, especially if you are feeling stressed out, hungry, angry, lonely or tired.  It is easy to allow our emotions to affect our decision-making and often that is not good! It has really helped me in the past and present.

Actually, I really am a homebody. And, now, most of my decision making involves what to make my husband and myself for supper and more importantly what color do I paint next!! I love to experiment and am always looking for more ways to dabble.

Yesterday I accepted an invitation to go photo-shooting with a friend. We drove about photographing buildings, trees and whatever hit our fancy. It was a great outing! And really put me in the mood to paint!

Here is an old barn that I did on location  on one of our earlier jaunts!

Thanks for stopping by - Have a great week and do some exploring!!

Friday, March 11, 2011


But, it still has to be mowed. Often I see others works of art as better than mine. I am not jealous, well maybe a little ;)...but mostly I see the flaws in my own works.  In striving for perfection, the greener grass, I often destroy what was working. Helen Van Wyk used to say make it, break it, and make it again. I enjoyed watching her tv shows! I'm not sure she was talking about the tiny flaws that I see that most do not.

I wonder how many of us look at our flaws, our imperfections, as giant craters instead of concentrating on what is right with us. What we have, what we can share, what we can do for others.
Enjoy today!

Friday, March 4, 2011


“It is no secret what God can do, what he has done for others he’ll do for you."  A great song. What does it mean though? Is He going to make me strong, like Atlas? Talented as Michelangelo? Showing one of my works in progress to a friend, she said she could only draw stick figures. She has many talents that I don’t have, including sewing . I cannot sew a straight line! I have to spend several minutes setting the machine, and then very slowly stitch. It becomes very tedious, so I limit what sewing I have to do to mending.

I receive lots of compliments (although never too many!!) on my art. Yet, I see the flaws. I know that I will not achieve perfection so I just do the best I can do. That is how I try to spend my life also, doing the best that I can do and leaning on God for the rest. His saving Grace is available for you also.

A portrait of Love:

Have a blessed week!