Friday, July 22, 2011

Redbirds Make Good Model

As an artist I often watch nature for images to paint. We have a family of Cardinals who have been with us a long time.  I first noticed them when they robbed the dry dog food we had set out.  We have a Lab and an Australian Shepherd and neither were concerned with the birds taking their food.  I suppose both dogs knew the birds would take little.  Since then, we have set out birdfeed year-round.  I had always put out feed during winter when ice and snow covered everything.

As I have watched them I noticed some facts.  The male takes care of the female.  It has been so wonderful to see how the male and female relate.  The male will fly down either to the food or a nearby area making sure the coast is clear for the female.  Sometimes he retrieves the food and feeds it to the female.  I have seen the male hop among the branches to be sure the way was safe for the female to feed the young. Once I saw 3 females land on our deck, the male went to the food and gave it to one female.  She then fed the other two.  I don’t know if these two were their offspring or visitors as the two looked almost as large as the female.  
Photo: Cardinal in tree with snow
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While watching I compared them to human behavior and what a great model they make to follow.  So caring for each other.  Isn’t this a great example of following Christ? Loving and caring for others.  Watching over them.

Since I don’t have a painting of Cardinals right now to share and our temps have been in the 110 heat index, I thought I would share a painting to visualize some coolness!

Have a blessed day!


  1. I love the Cardinals...and bluebirds. We have had Bluebirds for several years.
    The painting is beautiful!

  2. Beautiful painting Rhonda...I can see myself laying down on that blanket of snow making "snow Angels"....lovely thoughts here.....

  3. Thank you for your comments. And, compliments!