Saturday, July 16, 2011


Even though I enjoy painting I find that I put off doing it. Sometimes I let guilt that I should be doing something more productive or dutiful get in the way.  That is just an emotional feeling.  Most times I don’t have the something else to do. So instead of facing that feeling and trying to delve into it, or being more disciplined,  I find myself playing cards or mahjong on the computer.  And sometimes I find myself surfing the net looking for the special inspiration I think I need. Often, I have items stacked that I plan to paint “someday”.  Why not today.  Why not right now?  What is holding me back?

Maybe it is that I don’t feel I deserve the happiness I receive through painting.  Maybe I think that my paintings should be a source of income, and then I would have the “right” to spend time doing it. Maybe I am just not appreciating the talent God has given me.

There are a lot of “maybe’s” in life.  Are you letting the maybe’s get in your way of enjoying God’s gifts to you? Do you feel you don’t deserve happiness? Ask God in your heart today.  Let Him be your shining inspiration!

 Have a blessed day!


  1. heyrhomy, thanks so much for following my blog!
    iknow exactly how you feel - i do the same thing with my paintings.
    its a tough thing to think about why we just dont get down and finish the works of art we create
    i think the same things "if this was actually going to produce an income" or "ill get around to it soon, itll still be there"
    thanks for the little inspiration today, and all the best to you ^^

  2. You are very welcome Plantie! I love your whimsy! I appreciate your comments and glad I could give some inspiration.