Thursday, August 18, 2011

Joy and Fun

This week would have been a birthday celebration for my grandmother. Although she went to our Father several years ago, she was almost 100 then.  I think what all she must have seen through all those years. She was born before 1900.  Those new to my blog won’t know that I named this blog after her. Mary Fox.  What I remember most about her was how much she showed her love for the Lord and for those around her.  She loved to sing the old gospels.  She played the harmonica and in her earlier years played both piano and organ in church.  She had a piano at home also.   One of her (and mine) favorite activities was playing harmonica and all the grandkids danced a do-si-do.

I played last week.  I needed to refresh myself and wake up my creativity. I created my very first collage! I painted the background on a canvas with acrylic.  With diluted acrylic and inks, I created my papers.  When dry, I “found” the various forms among the paper abstracts, tore them out and pasted them on.   Oh! What fun I had!

Iris Collage
18 x 14
(c)2011 Rhomy

I think everyone needs to play.  To allow ourselves complete trust in God so that we can be a child whatever our age.  Just like my grandmother!

 Have a blessed and funfilled day!


  1. Heartwarming blog post Grandma would of been 113 this past May. I STILL miss that little German woman. She passed when I was 18...that was a week or two ago! Grandma was a registered nurse...she was always caring for the animals on the farm. She had had a heart attack many years before and had to stop working, so the farm became her entire it did all of our lives. She too was a strong woman and a good Christian....with an unending sense of humor to boot! Yes, we do not spend enough time being "childlike"! We should pay more attention to THOSE life lessons!

  2. What a beautiful blog post. I too have moments when play is the only thing that can free up my inner muse. Love the way you combine your Christian Faith with the Artistic Self. Thanks so much for sharing.